Software — light weight, small footprint, portable —

Xworks is no longer distributing software




Acoustic Brew contemplative avante garde (2013-2014).

Holohed free group improvisation (2010 - 2013).

Memorabilia: miscellaneous discography.


Degrees Of Freedom excerpts from the XSL and Holohed archives.

Inspiration for it all

Rock Goes To College — concert video from Bruford (1979).

Then there was Allan Holdsworth's IOU

live in Japan (1984)

A different musical influence

So early and so late, more real than ever now Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Down By the River.(1994)

More recent Holdsworth, before his passing on Easter of 2017:

Neil's been getting the songs and lyrics right for a long time

  • Cortez the Killer
  • Through My Sails
  • Cowgirl in the Sand
  • Ohio
  • — Neil on the 2018 American mid-term elections

    Very early influence — acoustic jazz fusion and world music

    Rick Beato presents a great overview of fusion

    Steely Dan talk about what they were doing





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